Working throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor, the EVR team has a long history on the West Coast of Canada. The company is known for building “architectural homes,” where it is able to foster its passion for design and craftsmanship. We have a profound appreciation of the value in building homes that embrace the natural world — clean air, fresh water, coastal forest. 

We help clients and their architectural team navigate the complexities of residential homebuilding in a mountain environment. We have a systematic and disciplined approach to every project, keeping our clients in control throughout the design/build process.
Every EVR project is built on a solid understanding of our clients’ vision and needs. We create a foundation of trust and understanding with our clients, developing that relationship along the way. While every project is different, these are some of the services we provide:


evaluating the development potential of property


providing a list of consultants – architectural and engineering consultants


design development assistance – understanding building codes, bylaws and best practices


costing and value engineering


construction management services


home maintenance after the project is complete

We have a long history of taking care of the homes we’ve built long after we’ve handed over the keys to the new owners. We like to see our homes performing at their best, whether that involves small projects and upgrades or regular seasonal maintenance. 

After developing trusted relationships with our clients, EVR remains committed to meeting their homecare needs into the future.